Monday, September 3, 2007

Updated storyboard and fabric photos

Storyboard version 1.1 :). I've decided to give up (or postpone sewing) one of the BWOF jackets and replace it with a copy from RTW - for this purpose, I undid my favorite jacket ever. It comes from a Romanian designer, it fits me beautifully (I'm sorry, but I forgot to take a picture before undoing it, pictures of the undone jacket will follow) and I hated the fabric of the jacket - therefore it was a perfect candidate for undoing and copying it. I've already cut it out of the houndstooth from TimmelFabrics, interfaced it and prepared it for sewing. I still have to cut the lining.

Fabrics: Top row, from left to right: Italian black suiting (wool, rayon, elasthane); houndstooth in silk and flax from TimmelFabrics; black cotton/lycra; dark grey suiting; off-white suiting
Second row, from left to right: light grey suiting; autumn red suiting; black and white krinkle cotton from TimmelFabrics; white stretch cotton; dark grey knit viscose/lycra; white cotton/lycra
Last row: white shirting; white and black stripped cotton/lycra.

Coat fabrics: red, white and black boucle from TimmelFabric; black stretchy wool; red mystery fabric

And now, my accent colours:


Yellow: I would like a jacket in the same shade, but it's absolutely impossible to find a doubleknit or suiting in that coulour :(

Emerald: I will buy a bag in the same shade. The fabric is a doubleknit.

Purple. The fabric is a knit.

Strings of fake pearls that will go very well with the retro trend of this season:

And before I go...
Have you ever seen a cat sleeping like mine??


LauraM said...

You colors will be wonderful! As will your pattern selection! Of course I loved what you did for PR. As far as your cat, I have 2 that do the same thing. It means he or she is awful comfortable with you. I call it love!

LauraLo said...

Thanks, Laura M! I hope that this little wardrobe will be even nicer than the PR one.
As far as my cat is concerned (it's a she), she's more than comfortable with us, she behaves like she's the owner of the house!

Isabelle said...

Your wardrobe is going to be great, Laura. I am planning one as well, though nothing as impressive I'm afraid! :)

Our kitty loves to sleep with her tummy up, too, but I know that's unusual with cats. None of my previous cats did this!

Cherie said...

I really love the color combos, and the different silhouettes of the pieces are so sophisticated!

My 2 Lhasas sleep just like your kitty! It is fun watching them get into this position!

Tany said...

I'm so looking forward to your Fall sewing! Your pattern/fabric/accessories selection really appeals to me!

Summerset said...

I love those brights with the black! The red shoes are really gorgeous. Now why can't I find a pair like those here?

Cute kitty! What a pretty tortoise shell color.

LauraLo said...

Thanks, Isabelle, Cherie, Tany, Summerset! My kitty is indeed quite cute, Summerset, too bad you can't see she has a vertical orangey stripe on her nose she looks so funny. And always sleeping with her tummy up, Isabelle, never seen other kitties doing that. Cherie, I'm trying to imagine a Lhasa sleeping like that, it must be quite a sight!
Summerset, I'm in love with those shoes too. I wasn't even shopping for shoes, just happened to enter a store, and there they were, 70% off!!!

Vicki said...

Laura, love the fabrics and accessories! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Our cat sleeps like that too! So it musn't be that uncommon.

Linda said...

Love your storyboard! Very ambitious plan but I know that you will successful with it. You do so well with sewing with a plan!

Christine said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog! It makes me so happy!

My boy cat sleeps the same way as yours. I thought he was the only one!