Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Interesting links

  • If you want to have more colour in your wardrobe, here are some very interesting tips, from Kasmira's What I Wore Today blog: Colour Yourself Happy
  • How to pack a travel wardrobe, from the Wardrobe Oxygen blog
  • What to do when... (getting a run in you stockings, are prone to losing buttons etc) from the same Wardrobe Oxygen
  • Want to SWAP? Want to trade? Go to the SWAP and Trade forum on Supernaturale
  • Want to design a nice-looking storyboard for planning a wardrobe? Want to see how a pattern would look in your actual fabric? Storyboard tute on Taking back the quality of my life blog.
  • Cleaning your closet? Want to get items from other girls cleaning their closet? Go to MyGirlfriendCloset
  • Planning some Fall SWAP-style sewing or see what others are planning for their wardrobe? Go to the thread on Artisan's Square


Denise said...

Very helpful post, thanks for all the interesting links.

Isabelle said...

Great links Laura, we're sure not to get bored thanks to you!!

jemima bean said...

Laura! I really need to shorten my blog name, LOL. :D