Thursday, May 3, 2007


Can you believe it, I must be crazy.... Is there a SWAP bug or fever or something? If there is I am sure I have it. Hope it's not really lethal :)
Anyway, I've entered the SWAP on PR - see Rules here. Enter contest here.
Remember when I said I was planning a new SWAP, one containing avocado greens, blue, aqua? Well it should be a good combination for this summer SWAP, I'm adding white too, I love white (and summers are sooo hot here) plus it suits me having black hair and medium to olive skin.
I also know I want to make dresses, seeing all these dress SWAPs reminded me how much I like dresses and how few I have. So, for the time being, my plan is to make the version with 2 dresses, 5 tops, 3 bottoms and 1 jacket. Here is my provisional storyboard (see there are two fabrics still waiting for a pattern or idea) and my provisional title is Always Falling in Love at the Seaside.


Erica B. said...

OMG! You're doing another SWAP? So soon? You are amazing!

cidell said...

I think every BWOF you have down, I've got on my 'want' list. Can't wait to see how it works out for you.

Laura said...

Hi, Cidell, hi, Erica
Told you I must be crazy :)
I want to do this SWAP because I discovered it helps me be disciplined (which I normally am not at all). If I have a deadline, I do my best. If not... I procrastinate, don't feel inspired and so on.
Plus this phase of planning and picking patterns, then replacing them really stimulates my creative juices :)

Leora Louise said...

I've been looking for something like the wrapture jacket. So, yeah, good idea you have there! I'm likely to give up on v-neck idea or wrapture neckline hunt and go with Martini or Prudence. The jacket is the hardest part, but this will be a fun SWAP no matter what! Welcome to PR!!

Bonnie D. said...

just found Patterns Review and your blog from it. You are the most prolific sewer!!! Your wardrobe for the Timmel Swap was amazing. I look forward to seeing this one, too.

julia said...

I loved your Timmel SWAP! I've signed up for the PR one, too, and I'm so glad to hear you say that it helps to discipline your work. I'm hoping that works for me, too!

Summerset said...

Awesome - I really like that Vogue pattern (I might even have it!). I have looked at the BWOF skirt, seriously, too! Great colors, reminds me of my daughter's SWAP!

Laura said...

Hi everyone, I'm glad you like the new SWAP plan. Summerset, it does look indeed like your daughter's SWAP. I love these colours, I dressed for many years just in black and dark grey and now I want colour all the time.

Katrin said...

Hello Laura,

I Have found your blog while admiring all those nice SWAP results - and you are even doing the next !
The colours are wonderful!

Linda said...

You really love a challenge!!!

Like your fabric choices for your summer swap!

Laura said...

Hi, Linda! I practically live on challenges :) This is what motivates me in my sewing and in my professional work as well. Just tell me I can't do that and you got me trying.
I'm glad you love the colours, they are my newest crash. I'll post pictures of the first finished items (jacket and skirt) very soon, just need to buy buttons for the jacket and then wash both of them - they're white so....
I'll wear them at a big conference we are organising on Friday. It's good because I have no summer suits presently