Tuesday, October 2, 2007


TimmelFabrics SWAP 2008 is ready to start. It's starting on 1 January 2008, but: 1) you can cut and fit everything until then; 2) you can use TWO previously sewn items. And a bought one too. There are several interesting things, and the yearly twist, so go and read the rules here.

The SWAP 2007 photos and commentaries are here.

The article that started the contest and several other wardrobing articles (very interesting reading!!).

And the SWAP 2008 discussion has started already, at the Artisan's Square - go here for the board.

I'm ready to start planning this SWAP, ordered some patterns today (one is Vogue 7975 for my Chanel-type jacket), but it's going to take a while. I would like to incorporate as much as I can from my already existing storyboard, plus I'm still hesitating between a jacket or a coat for this SWAP.

I'll tell you more as soon as I'm having some plans laid down. But until then why don't I go fabric shopping and you go read the rules and prepare to join this year's SWAP? :)


Adrienne said...

Wow, this is great info!

Sigrid said...

Already read this on Carolyn's blog too. Seriously thinking of joining, but not sure yet. 1. because of the amount of work/planning involved, 2. more or less decided I would stop buying fabrics from so far away, because of the shipping charges.
On both reasons I'm not too sure whether it will stop me.

LauraLo said...

Hi, Adrienne and Sigrid, please join, last year was so much fun and Artisan's Square is such a lovely place to be.
Sigrid, last year I bought two patterns as my qualifying purchase and shipping was therefore not big. This year I think I will order fabric, but I will order a maximum of 2 yards which should be pretty light and not lead to expensive shipping.

Nancy W. said...

I'm thankful this is not starting until January. since the contest runs until spring, I will be making a spring wardrobe. Can't even think of that yet - still working on fall/winter. :-)

Mirela said...

Congrats Laura for the 2007 swap! I wish you won first place, you deserve it.
I'll have to see what the deal is with the swap, I have never participated, but I have load of fabrics with no plans so maybe this would be a good to keep me working..

LauraLo said...

Hi, Nancy W! I know the feeling, I cannot think about sewing for spring either but I figure if I integrate in the SWAP things from my storyboard (which are good both for winter and for spring here) I should be OK.
Mirela, thanks a lot for your compliments! Yes, check the contest board out, I really think you will enjoy it. Plus it does make you more productive! And the SWAP board is a great place to be, so supportive and friendly.

Adriana said...

Oi Laura, ficou linda sua saia, vc poderia me mostrar os moldes dela para que eu tambem possa fazer uma?


grande abra├žo, adoro seu blog!