Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa has brought me...

Sewing patterns, of course! This is my early Christmas gift for myself. Early is one way to put it, with shipping and everything, they will be here mid-January, I expect.

Vogue 2796:

Vogue Vintage 2885

Vogue Vintage 2859

Simplicity 6149

Simplicity Vintage 4047

Simplicity 6235


jemima bean said...

Love the salsa pictures! Your patterns are lovely...why so long to ship?? It might be quicker if you just had a friend in the US buy them for you & ship them?

Welcome to blogging!

Laura said...

Thanks, jemima bean, I'm glad you like the salsa pictures. I'm actually going to spend the New Year's Eve in a salsa club, I think it will be fun.
The patterns take a long time to ship because I live in Romania. My mother in law lives in the US but if I would buy the patterns, have them shipped to her and then have her ship them to me... it will still amount to a month or so.
But surprise, the vogue patterns are already here, I think they arrived in about 10 days, maybe less which is a great surprise!

Laura said...

forgot to say, I really like your blog. I remember finding it a couple of months ago (I always look for sewing blogs on the net, I love reading about what other people sew) and enjoying the vintage photo of the girls in swimming suits and your post about Khaliah Ali patterns.

Marji said...

Great selection of patterns Laura. The vintage Vogue dress and coat will look fabulous on you! You have the figure to wear it.
Glad they came fast too.

jemima bean said...

Why thank you! Sometimes I veer from sewing topics :D Altho that's the fun of blogging!

Laura said...

Marji, I must say that I adore that dress! And speaking about "fabric speaking", I think I have the perfect fabric for the dress... a black elastic satin. I hope somebody gets married and thus I get motivated to sew the dress for the wedding. I'm thinking of shortening the jacket, I'm not sure that being so small a 3/4 jacket over a long dress would be to my advantage. I could do the jacket in a black velvet which has flowers woven into it. Whatever, hard to describe, maybe I should take a picture