Monday, December 4, 2006

Salsa - another love of mine

I was telling you that I won't be having a lot of time for sewing this month. Starting Wednesday, I am a trainer until Friday and this training takes place in a mountain resort, a 3-hours drive from Bucharest, where I live.
But the most exciting thing in my life this week (besides the SWAP, of course!) is salsa. I've been dancing salsa for some years now. We try to go out every Friday and dance - it's the only exercise I get anyway. Well this weekend, the best salsa dancer of our times, Eddie the Salsafreak is coming and having a salsa bootcamp in Bucharest - this means 6 hours of workshops Saturday and another 6 hours on Sunday, plus a party every night. I am a bit terrified of that but still excited.
I like Eddie very much and one of the reasons (besides her being a very energetic and positive person) is that she started dancing at 35 years old, abandoned her career (Java programmer) and now at 38, she is the best dancer in the world and living only from and for salsa. It is interesting, don't you think? I doubt I would have the gutts to leave my job (I'm almost 35) and live only from dancing!!!

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Marji said...

Sounds like fun, but exhausting. Be sure to get some pictures to post here of your dancing. We'd love to see.