Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rose tutorial

Before showing you how I made the roses, I'd like to thank you all for your comments and appreciation. They did a lot for my morale, especially since when I feel tired, I tend to feel a bit down too. So thank you, my love goes to all of you!

Now, to answer some comments... Melissa, I did insert a link to the nylon sheer on Elingeria, it is in the underlining post, just at the beginning when I'm talking about Powerdry and nylon sheer.

Leslie, I think you're new to my blog (sorry if I'm mistaken) therefore welcome! You're perfectly right, point 3) in the underlining tutorial should read "right sides together" not "wrong sides together". Thank you for bringing that to my attention, it is now corrected.

Vicki, this underlining method supposes that you fitted the pattern first. You can cut larger seam allowances on the fashion fabric and underlining, but you cannot (or it supposes ripping most of your work off) adjust the darts. I'm lucky to have an average figure and patterns usually fit me more or less right out of the envelope. I only do a petite alteration and I'm fine. For this particular pattern however, there is a reason why there are wider seam allowances. I usually cut a size 6 in Big 4 patterns and many times I thought that I could even cut a size 4. This pattern was the first to come in size 4 so stupid me, I challenged my luck and cut directly a 4 (I don't trace patterns, I cut them directly, I know I shouldn't....). The 4 was a wadder, it fitted me but it was too tight for my liking. Therefore on this dress, I cut wider seam allowances to make sure I'm ok. I should indeed buy a new camera pretty soon but it hasn't been top priority for two reasons: 1) I'm spending a lot on sewing books, notions, gadgets, fabrics etc; 2) when I take detail pictures, those are really ok, only pictures of myself wearing the garment, taken with the self-timer are blurry.

And now, this is how I made the roses. First of all , it's not an original idea, I had a rose like that on a hair clip. I just unglued it and took it apart, copied the pattern and tried to figure out how it was made.

Download the rose pattern here. You'll see that there are two pieces, A and B, to be cut both from organza and silk or satin, on fold and on the bias. There is a third piece that I forgot to include in the pattern: piece C (for the ruffle) to be cut on grain, only in organza, it is a long strip, 6 cm wide ( approx 2 1/8") and 40 cm long (approx. 15 1/3"). I'm now looking at my pattern and am not sure if the foldline is clear, therefore the fold is the longer side of the trapeze on piece A and the longer side of the triangle on piece B.

For one rose: Cut piece A one time in organza and one time in silk. Cut piece B four times in organza and four times in silk. Cut piece C one time in organza.

Now, take the two pieces A (in organza and in silk), fold them and press. Don't press too much, you don't want a very crisp, dead fold. Put the two pieces together, the silk one on top of the organza one. Fold both corners and press like in the photo below:

Starting from one of the folded corners, roll the bud (piece A is the bud of the rose, pieces B are the petals) around itself until you're satisfied with the shape:

Tie a piece of thread around the bottom of the bud, to secure the shape:

Trim if needed, apply a bit of Fraycheck.

Now for the petals: again, fold all the pieces on the fold line and press in place. Put one piece in organza and one in silk together, with the silk on top.

Thread your needle and sew running stitches through one of the small sides of the first double (organza and silk) triangle. When you reach the top (peak?) of the triangle, place the second triangle on the first, with the right corner of the second triangle overlapping on the top of the first triangle. Continue with running stitches until you sewed together all the triangles. Hope the picture below speaks for itself, I'm not sure that my explanations are very clear.

Once you're finished, pulled the running/gathering stitches and form the shape of the rose around the bud, by wrapping the petals sewn and gathered together around the bud:

Gather more or less, as you wish. Once you're satisfied with the shape obtained, secure it in place at the bottom of the rose, with several hand stitches.

Fold piece C lengthwise and press in place. Run gathering stitches through one of the lengths. Gather forming a ruffle. Be careful, the ruffle is not a full circle, it is only a part of a circle, you need to leave clear the part where the two roses join, as below:

Glue a rose on each ruffle.

Glue the two roses on a piece of velvet ribbon for a belt or a choker. Sew them on a headband. Glue them on a hair clip or get crazy and sew dozens of them on the corsage or hem of a dress. Sky is the limit :)


Marji said...

Love the way you've done these.
I have, somewhere in my archives of idea photos, a dress that has a line of these roses running horizontally in a diagonal across the dress at a drop-waist seam from waist to hip, on an otherwise plain dress, all in gunmetal grey - and the look is stunning. When I find it, I'll email it to you.

Berry said...

Wow! It's good to have you back. I don't have much time to read everything now but your dress, shirt and skirt are stunning! I'm printing everything to read tonight in my bed ;o) (thanks for the tutorial)

Mamis said...

Iti multumesc frumos, incerc sa traduc.Faci lucruri foarte frumoase!!!

Mamis said...

Multumesc,incerc sa taduc.Faci lucruri frumoase!!!

Cennetta said...

This is a great technique for creating roses. Thanks for the tutorial.

melissa said...

d'oh! I completely missed that link... thanks for forgiving my brain fart. :)

laura said...

I still say there is a career in instruction just waiting for you!! You're so clear with your instructions. If I'd read the post on this dress first (as it fills in all the gaps that magazines leave out) I may not have struggled soooo much with my simple Burda dress!

Summerset said...

Pretty! I love the fact that you've used two different colors for making each rose.

Alexandra said...

Too cool! Great tutorial! Thank you.

Vicki said...

Great tutorial! And thanks for answering my question.

Tany said...

Delicate and beautiful, the perfect complement for your outstanding dress! Thank you for sharing how you made the roses! I will save this info for future use!

Nancy W. said...

Your dress is killer Laura. Your swap is just gorgeous.

Paula said...

Laura, you are a knockout, that dress is perfect on you. Thanks for the tutorial on the roses, I see hair clips in my granddaughter's future.

a little sewing on the side said...

Laura, your blog is a feast- so many great posts recently. I love all the detail you include. You are inspiring my sewing with all these wonderful techniques.

Tori said...

Well I just spent a huge amount of time looking through all your pictures. You amaze me, I'm an amature at sewing and you inspire me!
Love all your choices, they go great together!

Anonymous said...

This is great! The roses are the perfect embellishment for your dress.

Nähbistro said...

your blog is excellent
Drink a glass Champagne


Anonymous said...

hi laura - in regards to your rose tutorial, I need measurements for cutting the bud and petals - maybe I'm just blind ? It would be great if I can hear from you soon - I really want to do these ! thanks very much for any help .. dhyana