Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Progress on Chanel-like jacket

Ten days and one conference (I was the organiser, so it wasn't easy) later, here I am, back in business. I would have liked to take some pictures to show the progress (and the various stages) but my camera's rechargeable batteries seem to be dead so I'll have to get some new ones.

All the pieces of the jacket and the lining are cut, I used normal seam allowances (5/8) as my fabric is a tweedy wool knit and it doesn't fray a bit. All the pieces are thread traced and I started quilting last night. I'm using a new needle, silk thread and my walking foot. So far, so good. Tonight I'll keep on quilting and I will also interface the creamy white collar and cuffs.

My step sister in law brought me 3/8 clear elastic (can't find it here and I use it a lot for my knit tops necklines) and a mini-vacuum attachment kit so I'm really happy.

Another reason to be happy: Tany sent me the most wonderful midnight blue taffeta. I absolutely love this fabric, both the colour and the appearance (I don't like that shiny type of taffeta that much and this one is pretty matte). I'm thinking a trench coat for spring but I still cannot decide. A shirt woulde be nice too. Too bad I can't show you pictures, maybe later. Thank you, Tany!

Sigrid sent me some bra foam, together with a gorgeous stretch wide white lace, two types of elastic (for bra straps), bra sliders. I feel a lingerie-sewing addiction coming... bras, boyshorts... hmmm. Thank you so much, Sigrid!

I am also trying to organise my projects, decide what I want to sew in the coming months (I need a coat and some dark denim jeans and I've got the fabric for those) and make a storyboard for the Timmelfabrics SWAP 2008 - the board is here. My qualifying purchase for the SWAP is a gorgeous eyelet fabric, can't wait to get it.

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Isabelle said...

You must be so tired, Laura! Organizing a conference is exhausting.
I cannot wait to see your jacket in progress, and the taffeta Tany sent you - it sounds fabulous! Tany is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met!!

Sigrid's package sounds fantastic too! Yay for our community!

LauraLo said...

Hi and thanks, Isabelle! I'm quite tired indeed but the very positive feedback of the participants and the very interesting things they had to say during the conference compensate for the fatigue.
Yes, Tany is such a great person, Sigrid is one too, you are one too... It is a great community, I've never encountered so many helpful and nice people in one place. Florin says it's because our community is made mostly of women :)

Vicki said...

Laura, I am really keen on seeing lots of photos of your Chanel jacket. Which of course is very selfish of me as I plan to make one too.....eventually!

Welcome back!

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Tany said...

I feel honoured to be part of this wonderful sewing community (kudos to you, Isabelle and Sigrid!)! Believe me, before all this I was lonely and had no one to talk to about sewing, no one to share or learn from. Now I feel surrounded by talent and people with whom I can relate!

I'm so glad you like the fabric, Laura! I know you'll make something gorgeous out of it!

I received you knit lining and it is exactly what I was expecting! I wish I had it when I was making the pinstriped wide trousers! This lining is so much better for trousers! And I will answer to your email today when I get back from work ;)

Too bad about the photos... I was looking forward to see your progress on this exciting project!