Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Burda 08/2007 is here...

Just in time, I'm so ready to start sewing for fall.
I glanced through the magazine and so far I wanna make these:

I might do that in a dark grey or black cotton/lycra. And another one in a print?

I'll do this in a very good quality cotton batiste or in a white shirting (cotton plus a bit of elasthane)

I think I will do this as a jacket and not a rain cape. I'm thinking the silk and linen BW houndstooth from TimmelFabrics. Got to find a black glossy buckle.

These pants, in dark grey drapey wool suiting. Maybe a second pair in beige.

I adore this. It's so... me. Got to have this. Red or white suiting. Or light grey? Got to find a nice closure for this. Or maybe make one if I can find D-rings. And to go with that, I want a high-waisted pencil skirt, like the picture below. Will use boning.

I want to use fabrics from my stash. During the past two days, I organized my fabric using a tool created by Deepika from Patternreview. I now have two folders with sheets of yellow thicker paper, full of fabric swatches. It's great, I can look at them all the time and combine fabrics or take them fabric shopping to find matches. Or just to discover I have fabric I forgot about :)

For this jacket, as well as for the cape above, I want to make a pair of long gloves, I found some tutorials and patterns on the Internet (will post the links soon). Don't know if I can find leather anywhere here so maybe I'll order some. Or just make them in a nice stretch velvet. Any suggestions?


Lisa Laree said...

Ack! I've got to either subscribe to BWOF or quit looking at pictures from it! It can't be found at retail anywhere around here!

But...I love those patterns you picked and will enjoy looking at the garments you create even more!

Summerset said...

No Fair! I'll have to wait at least another week or possibly two before I get mind. There is so much to love in that issue. I've been drooling over the pieces online. I plan on making some of the same pieces you've picked.

Laura said...

Lisa, I think it is worthwhile to subscribe. I pay about 3$ for an issue and it's full of yummy patterns. Speak about value for money...
Summerset, I'm surprised that it came so early, it usually comes on the 1st or 2nd of the month. It helps that there is a Romanian version of Burda, printed here, so I suppose it speeds up the process. I've been drooling over the pieces online too.

loopylulu said...

I'm very excited to see all your ideas implemented and, knowing you, you'll be done before the rest of us even get our copy.

Laura said...

Loopylulu, you're just too nice :)
I don't think I'll be sewing anything these days, I have a tough exam on Tuesday, then I going away for holidays. I have to get my Wardrobe contest photos and composite review done this weekend.
But when I come back, at the end of August, I'll definitely start sewing for fall, even if September is announced to be very hot too.

Vicki said...

Great choices Laura....I think I need to subscribe too!