Monday, June 25, 2007

Have you seen the July Burda preview?

If not, you can see it here.
It doesn't happen to me very often to be so enthusiastic about so many patterns... I want to make this and this and this and this. What about these blouse and pants? This dress? Bermudas? Halter top?
There are some more, but I'd better stop here. Can't wait for my July issue!!!!


dawn said...

Oooo, thanks for the head's up. I love the jacket, 117, with the tie. The blouse, 113, and the skirt, 114. I did promise myself no more skirts though. sigh...

dawn said...

Oh, man I love the 101 blouse and pants too. darn it!

cidell said...

There is a lot to love in this issue.

Tany said...

I love that issue! I already seeing myself in the porcelain fabric alter dress (I have a fine buttermilk fabric saved for that model!).

PS – We share similar tastes on clothing! I too love mother of pearl buttons (the ones on the blouse were “saved” from a very old coat!)

Laura said...

Dawn, Tany, Cidell, I got my July issue past Monday and I'm totally in love with it! I think it's the greatest issue I've seen in the last two years.
Tany, thought about you yesterday when I bought a mother of pearl necklace - it's made of a 100 mother of pearl buttons only they have just one hole not two. Paid 6 dollars for it too :)
I can't find mother of pearl buttons in my country, so I'm saving, just like you, from old clothes.