Monday, June 25, 2007

Coming back from Brussels, I've finished a few things...

A blouse from the latest Burda (June 2007) ....

Detail of zipper treatment

Corner treatment at the hem (the blouse has 4 corners, I think it's called a handkerchief hem)

Managed to do an OK job on matching the stripes.

Back of the top

Read the PR review for the orange babydoll top here.

The blue top for the PR contest (I still have to check if it works with the jacket, I kind of doubt that the neckline will work). Sorry, last night I was too tired, too hot (38 Celsius degrees here!) and lazy to wear a bra, the top will look better with a bra underneath.

Detail of neckline

Detail of decorative stitches (3 rows of "crosstitch")

Read the PR review for the blue top here

A skirt. I'd like to have more violet things to wear with the lime green tops I'm making.

Detail of appliques and embroidery (sorry for the blurry photo)

Read the PR review for the violet skirt here.


dawn said...

Oh my gosh, you've made some really beautiful things here. Thanks for sharing them!

Debbie Cook said...

Very pretty!

Tany said...

Your Burda tops looks awesome!! That one is in my "to do" list too!

Summerset said...

I love the orange top! What a great way to use the stripes! Beautiful job.