Friday, March 9, 2007

I wish I had time to sew...

Until then, I decided I could use my blog as an organizer and post here not only inspiration photos, but projects I'd like to sew as soon as I finish my exams.

I have black and white cotton/Lycra, washed and ready to sew in my stash. I have some black wool/poly leftovers for the cape, also some black wool/poly double knit. Should buy some twill for the bag.

Top from Burda WOF 12/2005

I have some beautiful black scalloped lace and I'm thinking of lining it with some contrast satin - maybe gold?

From the same Burda, I like this jacket. I have to think about some adequate fabric, nothing from my stash yells it wants to be this jacket so far.

I also want a summer skirt same model as the red/black/white I did last summer, see below. Want to make it with solid white and floral patterns, in nice gay colors. Or in solid white (have some nice stretch cotton) and white with tiny black polka dots. Then the lace at the bottom, the loops and the ribbon would be black. Or I can do two skirts - one in polka dots, one floral :)

But my first project (dying to make it) will be this black and white jacket (only with full length sleeves and without the decorative loops)

Thanks to Summerset, I found the perfect pattern - Vogue fine details 8368. I've ordered it from and I'm very pleased, not only it was cheaper than on Vogue's website, but shipping was half what I pay when I order from Vogue directly and it arrived in one week. They have a 6.99 sale this weekend, but I think I'll refrain from ordering from the time being. I'd rather focus on buying fabric.


Catherine said...

Not to tempt you or anything...but did you see that Hancock Fabrics has Mccalls and Butterick patterns on sale for $0.99 each?

Laura said...

Ohmigod, didn't know. Now my pattern moratorium is in danger. :)
Thanks for letting me know, Catherine.
Laura Lo

Laura said...

Ha ha I'm safe however from the Hancock temptation... They do not ship outside the US. But they have such nice things on their website!
Laura Lo

Tany said...

Laura I've made that Burda 12/2005 jacket, this is the link to my review on PR : Your inspirational photos are awesome and I wish you the best of luck on your exams!

Laura said...

Tany, the fact that I saw that jacket made by you determined me to want one! Can't wait to read the review I like exploring reviews before sewing a pattern for the first time.
Plus I'm trying to sew Burda patterns again after more than 6 years of giving them up. I sewed a skirt in Burda 34 size and even if my waist measurement is 3 cm bigger than the 34 size waist measuremetn, I still had to take the sides in by about 2-3 cm. Can't understand why
Laura Lo

Summerset said...

Glad you got the pattern and got a good deal!

Good luck on your exams!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exams! Must be sometime now, I think... and than I am very keen on the rest of your Swap!

Paula said...

Absolutely adorable! Chic yet young and sassy! Love your choices! Hope you do well in your exams, can't wait to see what you post first!