Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SWAP and non-SWAP sewing

This is not a SWAP-related item. It could fit in my SWAP but it wouldn't work with the jacket. It will work with all the blouses, so it's definitely not a waste of time. I used a pattern from Burda Magazine no 4/2006. The Burda skirt was in only one fabric (one with big flowers) and unlined. For my skirt, I used a piece of wook in black and white check that my mother gave to me one year ago - she had it for 20 years :) It was a small piece of fabric, enough for a pencil skirt but nothing more, therefore I decided to use it in combination with a black wool and do this skirt. I've been in love with this skirt since I bought the magazine - I like the idea of pleats in the back. Using wool, I lined the skirt. I like it very much, viewed from the front looks like a straight skirt and from the back like a schoolgirl one. Sorry for the bad pictures of me wearing the skirt, I took them by myself, in the mirror and the only mode on my camera that doesn't give a huge blinding flash in the mirror requires me to keep my hands perfectly still which I discover is simply impossible :(

And now my fourth SWAP item, the Hot Patterns Slouchy Man Pants.
God I love them and want them in every colour possible, they're the perfect office pants and very comfortable. They fit really well although for the next pair I might deepen the crotch a tiny bit (1 cm). I've decided to ditch the cuffs on the pants. Everybody says that cuffs on pants tend to shorten one visually. Although now I'm a bit sorry I didn't make the cuffs, I would have liked them as a detail plus the pants being black, I kind of doubt they would have shortened me.

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