Friday, August 31, 2007

Provisional storyboard

This is just a first draft. You'll notice for instance that there are patterns who don't have a fabric assigned (I have to pull out fabric during the weekend and decide). There are patterns I'm not yet sure I will make for this wardrobe (Burda WOF 06/2007, jacket 107) put I put them here anyway, awaiting a final decision. The Loes Hinse Hepburn pants are going to be in or out, depending on how the muslin will look. I've got the Burda WOF 09/2007 yesterday but so far, I'm not that enthusiastic about it.

The Modern Sewing Lace skirt will be sewn in a black suiting with very tiny white dots, but I forgot to take a picture of the fabric.

I need more tops, but these are the tops that I like so far. And anyway, this is not a contest with strict rules, this is me wanting to have a wardrobe, therefore I can add bought tops as well, as long as they go with at least three other items.

This weekend I will pull fabrics and take pictures of them. Pictures of accesories will follow also.

Until then, have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Planning for fall sewing

Well, I'm back from holidays and trying to re-adjust to going to office :) My brain still refuses to get into "work" mode and office hours seem unusually long, but little by little I'm hopefully getting back on track.

After getting the second prize in the PR Wardrobe contest for my summer wardrobe, my mind was already set on fall sewing the entire holidays, so like every season these past two years, I've started reading a lot about fall/winter trends. This means buying tons of magazines, reading them, cutting (hm, tearing) away pictures that I like and gluing them in a big notebook. My favorite website for reading about fashion trends is (surprisingly maybe) not, but Fashion Era. Why? Because Pauline from Fashion Era not only does a comprehensive and informative synthesis of key trends (read her trend report here), but always has a Wardrobe tips article, telling you what to keep and what to get every season if you want to be really trendy, as well as providing tips for updating your wardrobe.

Other articles that I found useful are from Stylediary:
Even before holidays, the idea of sewing capsule wardrobes haunted me. I know I want to do a Salsa dancing wardrobe, but haven't planned in detail. And I want to do a Fall/Winter wardrobe as well. I might be doing a storyboard soon, but here is what I've decided so far:
  • It's going to be a black, white and grey wardrobe. I'll add accents in red (jacket, skirt, trousers planned; white, black and red dress; I have lots of red jewelry; I want to buy a nice red leather bag; I found gorgeous Italian patent shoes on sale during my holidays - photo soon)
  • I'll also add accents (jackets, jewelry, bags) in bold bright jewel colours: I'm thinking yellow (already bought a necklace and a bag - pictures soon), green and the star colour of this season, purple.
  • I want to make cropped retro jackets, I like bell sleeves worn with long gloves (have to get or make long gloves)
  • I want pencils skirts, high-waisted
  • I want A-line dresses (worn with opaque tights) and slim dresses
  • I want more slouchy pants and maybe men's pants too (without the pleat)
  • I haven't decided on how many items I will sew, but there are going to be more tops than bottoms and each item will have to go with at least three other items.
  • I want to sew one or two coats. Maybe a trench too if I find the right fabric.
A storyboard with fabrics and patterns will probably follow quite soon, but I want to do a more careful planning (even if I will change it many times) and maybe wait for the September issue of Burda WOF as well.