Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Can't find a title, can't make a plan :(

OK, so I wanted to show you my first two bras today but first I couldn't find my camera then I did find it (in a drawer where I looked a dozen times without seeing it) but managed to take really crappy pictures. I'll try again tonight.

What I want to write about today is my plan (or lack of it) for the TimmelFabrics SWAP 2008. The contest takes place between 1 January 2008 and 11 April 2008 and it is about sewing a perfectly coordinated wardrobe made of 11 garments: 1 jacket, 4 bottoms and 6 tops. You can substitute a maximum of two dresses for two tops. In case of jumpers, these would count as bottoms. All the tops must work with all the bottoms and the jacket must go with everything. You can use two previously sewn garments and one garment that was purchased. You must also use a print in this wardrobe. Every year, the contest has a "twist" to make it more interesting and this year's twist is that three garments must be made from a "wardrobe" pattern. The entire text of the rules can be read here. There's also a SWAP discussion thread at Artisan Square, here and see the storyboards made until now here.

It's been at least one month since I'm trying to come up with a plan for this SWAP and I keep changing my mind or hesitating. Therefore I've decided NOT to make a storyboard, at least not for the time being.

My provisional and painful SWAP plan:
  • My colours will probably be black, white and red (how very innovative, right?)
  • I'll probably make a coat instead instead of a jacket and the coat will be made out of my print - the red, white and black boucle from TimmelFabrics
  • I'll probably make 4 bottoms - two skirts and two pants, five tops and one dress
  • My provisional title is "Not your usual basics", as I plan to have several basics (a little black dress, a pair of lined black pants, a pair of jeans, a white shirt) but I will try to give them a little twist.
  • My wardrobe pattern will probably be Vogue 2813, an out of print Donna Karan

My second bra and the two matching pairs of panties are my first SWAP extra :)


Cherie said...

Laura, I really like the b/w/r colors on you, that is a sophisticated color palette! And maybe you've got your title - how about the "can't make a plan"?

Happy New Year to you!

loopylulu said...

I've always wanted to participate in a SWAP but I find I can never put a "story" together, so I feel your pain. You did such a good job last time, I'm sure your heuristic approach will work again. Good Luck!

Shannon said...

Laura, I can't seem to settle on a SWAP plan either. Like you, every time I think I have a plan, I change my mind. Well, here's hoping we both figure it all out soon.

What you have so far looks pretty good to me!

Sigrid said...

Great fabric to start with. I'm very sure you'll make a good swap without a fixed plan now. The Vogue pattern is so you!
And of course I look forward to your bra results.

Katrin said...

Hello Laura and happy new year!
I am so excited how your swap will turn out. The boucle fabric is really gorgeous.


paco peralta said...

Laura .- wish you many successes in this project. I am sure we will have a wonderful end. Hugs. Paco

Tany said...

I think you have a good plan there! Thr red/black/white bouclé is divine and will make a nice coat that will coordinate with all the other pieces!

cupid&psyche said...


I am a big fan of Timmel Fabric's Swap though I haven't participated in it. I thought that your SWAP last year was amazing and it looks like this year's will be amazing, too. I love your pattern and fabric. Good luck on your SWAP. I'll be looking out for your 2008 entry.