Monday, February 19, 2007

Suffering from accute lack of inspiration

Yeah that's me. And I'm so unhappy because of that. I normally have a head full of ideas, things I want to sew. Many nights just before falling asleep I'm thinking of one pattern that I fell in love with, sewing it in my mind, exploring ways to do this and that, trying to identify possible problems etc.
Sewing is a thing I do with lots of passion, I must be in love with a project and I can even get obssessed with it.
That's why I'm unhappy now, I have a huge box full of patterns, a closet full of fabric, but nothing appeals to me.
So I decided to browse the online shops and style websites and post here things that I like. Maybe my inspiration will come.

Older pictures found on my computer... If anyone knows about a pattern that looks like the jacket below on the right, please tell me!

New pictures... From Neiman Marcus:

From Anthropologie:


Tany said...

I love the eyelet suit! You have excellent taste!

Laura said...

Thank you, Tany, I adore that suit, especially the jacket. Must make one, don't have any eyelet but I'm sure I can find some adequate fabric.
By the way, I've discovered your blog about 10 days ago via another blog (don't remember which one) and love it! I must congratulate you for your patience and care for details. That Orwell coat is going to be absolutely gorgeous! I want one too, it really is my style.
Laura Lo

Summerset said...

Ok, I'll take a stab at a few of these.

For the two jackets one right under the other, the black one and the beige one with similar style, try Vogue 8368. All you'd have to do with that one is ditch the lace, shorten the sleeves a bit and add welt pockets.

The white jacket with the short sleeves with buckle trim could be made from B4999, with some fairly simple mods: lengthen the jacket, shorten the sleeves, move the buttons/buttonholes up closer together and add the strap/buckle detail on the sleeve.

I haven't looked further than the big 4, but I hope you'll find your inspiration comes back!

Laura said...

Thanks so much, Summerset! Vogue 8368 is indeed perfect, after reading your comment, I've ordered it immediately!
Laura Lo